Model ASEAN Meetings Pertamina University 2021

Model ASEAN Meetings Pertamina University 2021 Proudly Present

Hello ASEAN young leaders! We want to congratulate each of you for having such an immense privilege. The long-awaited event is finally here. All ASEAN senior high school and college students have priority seats to join MAM UP 2021.

Even the MAM UP 2021 will be going virtually, but we present ARF as a new pillar in MAM UP. We designed International Journalists, too, for all senior high school students who want to explore more about themselves so that the college students would focus on APSC, ASCC, and AEC.

What is the benefit of joining MAM UP 2021? Of course, there would be plenty of things you will get, such as:
1. An insightful international webinar with experts
2. Excellent experiences being a delegate or journalist
3. Grand prizes up to tens of millions of idr
4. Don’t forget about your *International Certificate* if you attend the MAM UP 2021 and much more benefits you will get.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s check out the MAM UP Instagram account on or check our website on

Our Events Will Be Held Virtually, 27th November-30th November 2021

Best regards,
Model ASEAN Meetings Pertamina University Committee


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